Saturday, August 08, 2009

For His Sisters

They just adore their brother. Always holding him, hugging him, surrounding him on each side. He was blessed to have these two sissies to guide him through life.
His 30th birthday is next weekend.
Missing him extra right now.


Maisha Bonnie said...

Brothers and sisters have a special bond...and Joey, Jaime and JoAnne most definitely did :-)
thinking of you guys this coming August 17th.
I love you all.

Maisha Bonnie said...

by the way Iove the face painting, Karen :)

Gannet Girl said...

August 17. Not hard to remember. I went into the hospital to have my daughter early on August 17. Came home that night, went back the next day, finally had her on the 19th. When someone asks, I still pause a second as to which day it actually was.

Our son would be 25 on September 1. His twin brother wants no birthday anything.

Thinking of you overtime this week.

Jeri said...

Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Karen and Joe, I just know that your hearts are heavy as I struggle also to make it through the day today, Angie's birthday. It was so much a surprise to find out Joey and Angies birthday were only a week apart. They will be sharing birthday cake I am sure. Much love and prayer to you both.

Anonymous said...

This makes my heart ache. I hope there is birthday cake in heaven. Are you going to get a birthday cake for his birthday? I think you should.

I hope when I get to heaven that I can eat all the fudge I want.

Unknown said...

Squeeze his sisters for me. I can't imagine the pain, but I know my daughters would feel it deep in their souls if they ever lost one of their siblings.

Miss you. Love you. Thinking of you. Praying for you.


Unknown said...

These photos make me smile...such a beautiful family!
August 17 is my parents' wedding anniversary. I am grateful that you received the precious gift of your son on that day, but I know how hard birthdays can be when the one you love and long for isn't here anymore. I am thinking of you with tender caring and sending hugs to you across the miles.