Sunday, August 09, 2009

Horsey Girl

She wasn't born in a barn, but she sure likes hanging out in one.

Our beautiful Clare here with Mom and Dad.

She maneuvers Luna through the quad jump. That's 50 lbs of girl controlling 800 lbs of pure equine muscle!

Catching Air. Perfect form. Poetry.

At one with the horse--our horsey girl.

More horsey girls to come...Bailey and Izzy go to camp next!

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Anonymous said...

Great job Clare and Luna - you look great the the photo ops!

Love it.


Anonymous said...

She is deep in concentration. Takes a lot of control and practice to be that good. Perfectly beautiful. I bet she has good grades too.

Jeri said...

Clare does have good form going over the jump. Puts a smile on my face as I remember being her age and taking advantage of every opportunity to ride and be around horses. Good for her and for JoAnne & Sean for allow her the opportunity.