Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Big Alaska

In Resurrection Bay, Seward, as Papa and Aidan sit by the campfire and take in the beauty. I have to say I loved being in a place named Resurrection Bay. Capt. Cook named it that because he arrived on Easter Sunday. Perfect.

Clouds roll in and cover the mountains. The fire feels so good against the cold, fresh air.

It shortly began to rain and we had to quickly jump up, stow the wood and chairs,  and wait it out inside the RV. Gotta love the cozy RV in the rain. We ate spaghetti and salad and garlic bread that Jeri had kindly prepared as we sat by the fire.

This is Aidan's shot, and this bunny was ENORMOUS. Unfortunately I have no reference point in the picture, but he looked like he weighed 30 lbs. Everything is BIG in Alaska.

The same with the gargantuan dandelions. They were at least three feet tall.

Bunny Boy sees Aidan sneaking up on him. You can't fool a big bunny. He was as big as a dog.

This shot is of the mud flats at 20 Mile River. It is made from the silt washed down from the surrounding mountains as the snow melts. The four dots are Aidan and Joe, and in the distance, Jeri and Cliff.

Jeri and Cliff on a mud flat surrounded by BIG mountains. They look so small.

Aidan is playing in the mud at the edge of the river. He always finds a way to entertain himself.

The long view of this magical place.

The clouds are amazing. Big, too.

The bend in the river of moving glacial waters.

The mud was unlike anything I've ever touched. Spongy to walk on, almost like jelly. Aidan makes a mud pit.

Then steps in it.

His footprints. It's almost like concrete.

But it sinks like quicksand. This time he just stood there and sank in as deeply as I could tolerate.

Arms and legs went into the magical mud.

I had to take a shot of his crazy wolf hair. It fit right in to this wild place.

Cliff and Jeri sinking in.

Cliff is fascinated by the physics of mud...and what an enormous blue sky!


Jennifer Stumpf said...

wow, beautiful photos. lovely days, karen. thanks for sharing! xo

Jeri said...

Those pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing vacation. XOXOXO

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I'm fascinated by that mud too. I've seen some face creams that have a mud in it like this. You didn't think to bring some home? It might of been the best anti aging treatment ever.

Who was on bear watch?

Huge clouds--big--large--

Oh I see, the bears were afraid of the bunnies.

Looks like a good kind of exhausting trip. Lots of effort to get there--be there--and sleep in the midnight sun.

I've very much enjoyed reading about the whole journey both spiritually and physically. Hugs to you for sharing it in the raw emotions that made the whole trip worth the taking.