Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bears and Moose

With one big sweep of good fortune, we happened upon the Mt. Alyeska ski resort. It's a gorgeous hotel in a four seasons resort area. It took us about 12 seconds to park the RV, slap over our credit card, and get ourselves a couple of rooms with fresh white linens and steaming hot showers. You can feel our excitement in this lobby shot!

The recurring decorating theme in Alaska: bears and moose. It's just not right without it.

Aidan looks at a bronze outside the window. Almost looks real, right?!

Oh, and a rest-aurant. After showers and blow dryers and beverages served on a tray---then came really delicious fish. Cliff had the salmon, I had the halibut. We ate every juicy morsel.

Jeri poses under the aurora borealis. It's a winter-time phenomenon, so we had to be content with this.

The beautiful grounds of the hotel. This is late, about 10 pm. More midnight sun.

And the moose. The ultimate photo op. Cliff and Jeri --#1

The girls--#2

The Johnsons--#3

The mighty moose himself--#4

Aidan and Papa--#5

The adults--#6. Aidan took this shot. That's enough of the moose.

The bear awaits.

The bear hug maximus. As close as I ever want to get.

Cuz of this. Bears are vewwy scawwy. 


karen gerstenberger said...

That is scary...but good advice!
I love the photos of you, Joe and Aidan. He reminds me so much of Joey in all of these photos, with his haircolor and handsome facial features. And I love seeing the deep affection between you, which radiates so strongly out of all of these photographs. Grandchildren must truly be a HUGE blessing!

Jeri said...

Love the photos and reliving the trip! When we were in the Portland Airport baggage claim from Anchorage, Cliff overheard a woman talking to someone about going up a mountain on a tram the day before and later seeing a mama bear and her cub in the parking lot. Can you believe it? We probably just missed seeing them!

Unknown said...

Aloha to Karen and Joe and Jeri and Cliff!!!
Really enjoyed viewing and reading of your adventures, friendship and love. God bless you guys and I can only pray we will see one another sooner than later :)

Hugs and Aloha,
and Jim Moberg
from Maui

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I got to see the Northern Lights when we lived in North Dakota. I had to live there in the freezing cold for 4 years to see them---not sure I'm cut out for sub-zero weather so trust me---seeing them in that museum place is 98% the same.

The other thing that strikes me in this series of posts--ya'll are wearing a lot of clothes. I can't imagine how many clothes you had to pack for the trip.

We use to travel from Colorado to NC each summer--in an RV. You just gotta get out of that thing for a real shower for sure. I totally got that.

Wondering how many families have 6 shots of the moose ;).

This post was not as scawwy as the one of folks on the tippy top of the mountain peak. They might of weally weally fallen off.