Friday, July 01, 2011


Fairbanks.  The farthest north Alaskan city that can be reached by highway. This building greets you downtown. Not sure of its significance here, but it's a sentiment we all understand.

It was freakin' hot when we were there -- 95 degrees. Apparently Fairbanks has huge thermometer swings between winter and summer. This fountain was a refreshing feature of the town center, sitting next to the Chena river.

The Chena River.

Dogs and Eskimoes. Recurring Alaskan theme. The dogs are a crucial part of Alaskan history, and you can't help but love people that love dogs that much. It's an instant connection between cultures.

Jeri was perusing the names engraved around the fountain, and came across  the names of some very dear Maui friends, the Knowles. They used to live here, and crossed the "blue bridge" that connects Alaska and Hawaii. What a wonderful surprise.

Fairbanks is known as the "Golden Heart" of Alaska,  depicted here in these flowers.

More beautiful flowers in the plaza.

Some more at a local hotel. Alaskans love their flowers, and have enormous hanging baskets in most towns we visited. It's really lovely.

We found a fur shop, empty due to the soaring temperatures, and spent a little time exploring a subject about which we know very little.  They had every kind of fur there, basket loads of them. Eskimoes use 90 squirrel furs to make a winter parka...or they can use one bear fur. The squirrels are easier.
Aidan has a real bear on his head. 


karen gerstenberger said...

This is so interesting - I'm surprised that you can get that close to the pipeline! That is one crazy bear hat!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

Are you teasing about the squirrels?

I am loving those baskets--my goodness--what are they feeding them? I bet they have drip systems and good greenhouses to start the plugs.

I'm loving that blue lobelia in those baskets. Sigh..too hot here for such did say it was so hot there. Never expected you to say that. Wondering if you are freezing at night?