Saturday, July 02, 2011

Glacier Hike

Aidan finds himself a new pair of ears at the ranger station at Kenai Fjords National Park.

In the ranger station, a topographic map of the Kenai Peninsula and its many fjords and glaciers,  extending from the large Harding Ice Field. We hiked the glacier near the green valley on the far right of the map.

Aidan ponders rock.

Off we go on one of the well-groomed trails inside the park.

Well, not totally well-groomed. This is evidence a moose is nearby. You don't want to mess with a moose. They are apparently as dangerous as bears.

You can see the toe of the glacier in the distance. It once extended miles down toward the sea. This river bed was originally solid glacier.

As we get closer, we can see the striations made from the moving ice picking up rocks on it's journey down the slope.

Lots of deep blue ice, formed from compression.

A photo-op on a bridge. Cliff and Jeri are seasoned hikers, and easy travel companions.

 We want to remember this special trip with Aidan and our beloved Maui friends.

Aidan runs ahead of us to the glacier's edge.

The ice has been making its way down this slope for at least a century.

Ropes to prevent disaster.

I zoomed in on an icy edge.

I guess he's had enough. Time for a rest on a rocky ledge.

Looking down the wide valley to where the glacier used to extend.

Back through the woods; a boy's delight.

Aidan shows his frozen hand. He almost won the "how long can you keep your hand in the frozen water?" contest. Jeri beat him by a milli-second.

Oh, and he picked up some fellow hikers on the way down. Ice worms?

At the river bed, we skip stones across the water. The most perfect skipping stones ever.

The ripples show where the rock skipped. Cliff got one to skip 6 times. Joe did one better.

Aidan didn't want to leave. Muddy, but happy, he can rest in the knowledge of another glacier conquered. 


Jeri said...

Great job with all the pictures and information! It's very special looking back and all the great memories. Thanks so much for sharing them with us then and now on your blog. You are so gifted! Love & miss you!

Jackie Johnson said...

Karen, I just love how you share with us! The joys as well as the pain. I am soooo glad that you are able to share such precious moments with Aiden, creating new memories and recreating old memories bridging the gap of love and joy that is precious and timeless no matter where we find ourselves on this earthly journey! My favorite pic is of Joe and Aiden with outstretched arms. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! God places high emphasis on relationships and you are great earthly examples! Thank you for sharing your life with us we are all blessed by you and your loving trust in God! Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Opps, missed these pictures. They are wonderful. You are so good at taking them. The moving glaciers remind me of the granite we put in the new old house, full of rocks. What else would we pick?xoxo Sharon
Enjoy the fireworks, we are home smoking salmon and going to grill steaks for dinner.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

Aidan looks pretty tough in those ears!

I've never seen Moose Poopse. lol

Fascinating stuff about the glacier. I've heard a piece of that compressed ice is fun to have served in a glass of water. It crackles and pops like nothing else. I'm not sure it would be very clean--but people do order up icebergs and have them towed to port--and then a bit of it chiseled off for a refreshing drink. Well--I heard that somewhere.

Sure didn't know there were ice worms. I think they were begging to go South--said their transportation was running a bit slow.

Lots of hugs and luvs. Enjoyed this so much.