Friday, July 01, 2011

On the Road in Alaska

Alaska is so big, making for some large distances between cities, so we spent a lot of time on the road. I was surprised to come upon this along the way.

 I remember in the 70's when everyone was leaving California to go work on the Alaskan pipeline. There was big money to be made at that time...kind of a "black gold" rush. I never imagined to see the finished product.

The pipeline is above ground, which allows it to flex with all the techtonic movement. It goes underground at roadways, depicted here in this photo. The towers extend into the ground to keep the pipeline from freezing.

Here are the facts. Pretty amazing feat of engineering. It brings millions of gallons of oil from the rich North Slope--our own oil. Not purchased in the Middle East, it's our little pool of oil independence!!!

Joe had to check it out.

Back again.

Back in the RV, we make plans for our next stop in Seward.

Most of our sightseeing this day was out the front windshield. The views are spectacular any way you see them.

Huge sky.

Huge mountains.

All around you.

Like a circle.

With meadows and rivers and glaciers.

And mirror lakes.

And vivid blues and greens.

And nice boulders for climbing here and there.
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Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

One thing struck me that you said---that I remember about living in are on the road forever! Lots of breath taking scenery along the way. People who grow up in--like--Rhode Island or any of the eastern up north states don't know what driving out west is like. It's like you are are never gonna get there--right?

Mountains are majestic and out there in the boondocks is pretty darn spectacular.

Robin said...

What a journey!