Thursday, July 07, 2011

Up, Up and Away

This is a shot from our hotel room of the tram to the mountain top. Only 7 minutes up, but a whole new world.

On the tram, looking down toward the hotel and resort area.

More warning signs greet us at the top.

With that in mind, we head UP.

Leaving civilization for the adventure that lies above.

The village is so small now.

Near the top, seven glaciers.

And Aidan. He is near the top, too.

What a view. Where is Julie Andrews when you need her?

For once, I am above them all instead of pulling up the rear.

At the top of the ski-lift.

We make it to our little peak.

The view from on top of it.

The cleanest air, the whitest snow, the bluest sky. We savor this moment.

A close-up on the glacier spilling down  the slope.

Joe unpacks Joey's ukulele.

Strumming Joey's songs.

Aidan does the same.

We listen to the sound of perfection.

A moment you never want to end. 


karen gerstenberger said...

What a glorious experience for all of you! I'll bet that Aidan will never forget that day and the views. Just breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Thank you for inviting us along...not sure I'd want to ride that tram in real life! =)

Anonymous said...

A moment you may never want to end but you will never forget.
Thank you for sharing these exquisite beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Well that was quite an adventure now I will look forward to seeing the farm in all it's summer glory with the garden and animals. What fun!