Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joe

The Three Jedi Joes

Two of them are in Heaven, and they are deeply missed, especially today. Joe's dad was a truly good man. His great sense of humor got passed down to my husband and to my son. Also the hairline. (My son had the benefit of modern science to hang on to his gorgeous mane.) In this picture, they are all wearing hotel robes. They took Grandpa to Palm Springs for a 3 Generation Getaway and had been hanging out in the spa. It's a great memory for Joe. They all look so dear to me.

Doing what they loved best.

They each learned to play guitar when they were 15, and it was forever after their favorite pastime. They both would get that faraway look on their faces, accessing some non-verbal lobe of their brains that belongs only to musicians, and strum together for hours. They had differing taste in music, but they shared a love of Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Joe misses this the most-- and talking stock market ups and downs.

Joey singing to a Hawaiian sunset.

Today we will pretend he is singing Happy Birthday to his dad. Joey wrote some of his own music, and blessedly, we have recordings of him singing. We even have some small precious footage of his various bands performing. Joe listens to these songs every day. It gets weepy and sad most of the time, but what a treasure.

Honey, I know this birthday is not what it would have been if these two were here with you, and I know you miss them. But we all love you and we are glad we get to share this day with you and celebrate what you mean to us.

Hugs and Kisses today from the rest of us. We love you.


Liza's Eyeview said...

Happy Birthday Jedi Joe #2. The two other Jedi Joes are watching you. Like what Kit said to Maisha before he went to heaven, the two other Jedi Joes are probably saying the same "Carry on....". Have a happy birthday with your precious family Joe. We know it's not the same but is is still very very precious and special. Maybe a "Karaoke Party" is in order? :)

karen gerstenberger said...

I'm glad that you posted here the things that Joe loves most, and misses most. They are beautiful and intangible gifts.

So often, a father's grief is overlooked (perhaps because some of them suffer silently, while ours is more "out there"). It's vitally important that we know how it feels for a bereaved father, too.

I wish that this birthday could be different for your entire family. Since that is out of my control =), I wish for Joe (and all of you) a beautiful and love-filled day. God bless you and hold you in His arms.

Anonymous said...

Late Happy Birthday to you Joe. You are blessed to have a very loving wife beside you and family that loves you so much,(I can just tell)You just listen away to those songs and shed all the tears you want because you won't ever run out. Karen I am glad you shared the part of life Joe goes through because it is what we do. Did you blow out all the candles at once? Love Nick and Sharon

flowergardengirl said...

They all look just alike until I see Joey standing by you and then he's all yours. But several of your grandchildren have that look too.

I will come up next year and take a podcast of the whole family and then take some of joeys pictures to add. That would be fun. I will add his music to the background and make the whole thing a memory project. I know just the thing.

Jeri said...

Belated Happy Birthday Joe! Just returned from a trip and was getting caught up on the blog.
Love & miss you!