Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bathroom Remodel--"After" Pictures

TA-DA!! Dan's beautiful, precise tile work. It feels really good under foot. Don't you just love our retro tile? It's in the shower and on the bathroom floor.

Here you can see the crown molding at the ceiling, the subway tile in the shower,

and you get a little peek at the wainscoting.

Here: the vanity, the granite counter top, the mirror, the new faucet and hardware and a shiny bright light fixture.

Dan the Man--Voila!!! He makes it look sooo easy!!

Here: the red shower curtain and towels on the snazzy hooks.

A nice new Kohler toilet--the little things mean a lot!

We're done and we LOVE it!!

See the Hawaiian leis on the hooks reflected in the mirrors?

Those are in honor of Dan's quality workmanship.

He really should have his own show on HGTV.

Thanks, Dan. You're the BEST!!

Be project coming soon>>>>

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flowergardengirl said...

Yes, it looks so good. I love subway tile and the small black and white checks. Perfect. It never ever goes out of style. Of course it needed to have red towels and all. How about a tiny touch of green like in your soap dispenser? Just tiny. Very classy Karen.

That was sure a mess wasn't it? I'm glad you had an expert repair man. It does make a difference to have that stress in check. My builder was a bit difficult. Errr.

I bet you are gonna freeze this winter. I know you saw how cold it's gonna be from my blog. You better have a coat, gloves, goulashes, and a snow shovel.

karen gerstenberger said...

WOWza! That is one gorgeous bathroom. I think I'd be spending lots of time in there, just admiring the tile. I love retro tile (& design).
It's a great gift, to meet a craftsman like that. And you are right, having people working in your house daily makes that relationship important! So happy that the disaster turned into a work of art.

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Beautiful Karen! You have always been good at that! I LOVE subway tile! But, oh what you went through to get there. So glad a great carpenter came to your rescue. Can't wait to see the next one.

Love you guys, maybe someday we will be able to come and see it all for real! I have never been to the East Coast. Goodnihgt, praying that tomorrow is a good day for you both. Love you, ciara

Mackenzie said...

LOVE it! i have bathroom envy :) enjoy!

Kay said...

Your bathroom turned out great! Too bad it was sort of um... an emergency to remodel it. : ( Could Dan the Man figure out a way to put your hot water heater in the garage??? We looked at new construction once and it was in the attic. We did not buy! LOL

Beckypdj said...

Karen, thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. I've spent some of today getting acquainted with your son, through your blog, his & Rachel's travel blog, memorial brochure and memorial blog. I am so impressed. Words cannot describe what I think of him. But you know that; you know what an amazing person he is and probably feel words are inadequate to relay his personality to people who were not blessed to experiece him in their lives. When I read that Rachel is working on a book about their trip, I immediately thought, "it needs to be a movie!" I like the tattoo :). My husband got one the day after Peyton's funeral. I have not been able to decide what I will get :)

I know we will see our sons again. Who knows? Maybe those two redheads have already met. I think about Heaven alot and about what Peyton is doing. I know it is unbelievable and cannot wait to get there. Blessing to you and your family