Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Party in the Woods

It turned out to be a rainy day, so we cancelled and rescheduled Papa's birthday party several times, finally deciding to chance it anyway.
It was actually beautiful in the woods and
we were so glad we went in spite of the weather.

First Drew organized some horse shoes....

Then we moved on to the real game: Forest Baseball!!

...the ball ricocheting against the trees, runners jumping over sticks and roots to touch tree trunks that served as bases, the well-placed hits flying deeper into the woods.

Our best invention yet.

Papa's team beat Nana's team by a very slim 1 point. Fitting, I guess, since it was HIS birthday.

In between all that, Brian cooked hamburgers and hotdogs.
What else?

Crystal and Jaime

JoAnne and Sean

Izzy catches a daddy long-legs, and impresses Aidan, holding it with her bare hands...

An enormous birthday squeeze from Aidan and a handmade card from Chase.
A pretty nice day despite the gray skies.
Happy Birthday, Papa!!
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A Maui Blog said...

So happy to read this post. A wonderful birthday celebration in the woods!

karen gerstenberger said...

These photos show the best kind of party: being with those you love, doing whatever! Food, play, gifts from the heart and gratitude for the life of a wonderful man.
I'm sorry for the sadness that you described, and my heart is with you. Life is full of mystery, both dark and light.

Kay said...

What a wonderful day it turned out to be...sometimes those 'just go for it' days are the best kind! : )

I read your comment at Karen Gberger's.... I'm so sorry for the loss you've endured. We lost a son as well, but at age 4. And not suddenly. It is hard for me to fathom sudden losses. Truly devastating! BUT I'm so thankful our God is faithful.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time for all. I know it is hard...I know! Here's a big hug to you both. Have
seen Shelly a few times, she is amazing and such a positive person
to be around. Guess it is a God think? Enjoy the rest of your day as our is just getting
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Good thing you went ahead and had the party cause it's getting colder.

I bet that ball was bouncing off every tree around there and making the task of catching it quite hard.

Happy Birthday Joe and hope you can bring Karen down one day to meet my family. We would love that. We will take ya'll out to our favorite greasy spoon.

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Love that you all had a super special day, celebrating a super special man! We love you Joe, Happy Birthday! We are blessed to know you and are so grateful for you! love, the woodard's