Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chasing Chase

My wonderful grandson Chase turned 15 today.
He also has the dreaded H1N1 virus (yep, swine flu).

Note the droopy eyes and the flushed cheeks.
His temp was as high as 104 point something!

Ordinarily he would be outside doing this. (And Aidan would be copying him.)

Or at the rink doing this...

Or hanging out with Maggie-girl...

Or concentrating on a nail-biting chess game...

Or playing Wii...

Or with his dad doing this.

Oh yeah, their favorite --hot wings!

But probably not doing this! This is actually the one and only time he's ever done this.

This is baby Josie, Kevin's little girl whom he named after Joey, and this is a first for Chase.

The truth is, you're not a real man till you've fed a baby!

This was 2 Christmases ago. I love, love, love being with this guy. Chase is a truly engaging, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, funny young man. He's got political opinions and he expresses them well. He's hilariously funny and he's good at tossing out funny lines from funny movies. He plays scrabble and he even speaks some French. He's a delightful blend of his dad, his grandpa and his Uncle Joey, whom he admired tremendously. I know he misses Uncle Joey a lot and it's been a sad year for him too.

Barbequeing with Uncle JJ, last year.

I would say that right now, Chase is my most interesting relative.

And one of the most interesting things about him is watching him


Just a little over a year ago, he was almost the same size as me: I'd say 5'3"

This one was taken a half year later... he's up to his mom's eyes: 5'5"

(That's his whole family there, in Hawaii, at his mom's graduation from Hawaii Pacific University. Summa cum laude, I might add. I love the leis stacked round her neck.)

Taken almost at the same time, he still fit under his Papa's chin...

And under his dad's shoulder...

But one year later--not any more! Check this out!!

His dad is 6'2". My guess is that Chase is 5'10".

It amazes me how much more mature his face looks in just a year. So handsome.

Oh, can I tell you how very much I love these chocolate drop eyes?

They see everything and they are taking it all in. And we don't yet know all that he will be, but we know he's going to be a world changer.

Happy, happy birthday to my amazing grandson. Your Nana loves every inch of you!

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12

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karen gerstenberger said...

Happy Birthday to your dear grandson, and many wishes for a quick recovery from the flu! (What an awful way to spend his birthday - I hope there is a GREAT party AFTER he recuperates).
I love all of the photos. You can see him changing rapidly, almost like time-lapse photography! Many blessings to you and to him.

Anonymous said...

Well even through his sickness he's smiling at you. Looks like he's connected to his grandma. Happy Birthday to this sweet young man. I sure bet he's got an appetite with all that growing. But what guy doesn't like hot wings all over their face.

You are funny calling him your favorite relative. I never thought of using such a term. I'm gonna steal it.

My boys play wii and I tried it--what a fun game. I'm pretty good at tennis and my family is competitive. They don't see how I can beat them at that.

Hey might just change the world too and I hope he does!

JoAnne said...

Nana... you made Chase's mama cry... we are all very blessed to have him in our lives... I am so excited to see him develop into an adult. Every day he surprises me with either his physical growth (I measure him on our wall height chart almost every week, because he grows overnight sometimes!), his intellectual growth (so stinkin' smart), his spiritual growth (talk about some deep questions!)... It is so fun to watch. Thank you God for giving us Chase!

PS- Mom compare the first pic you posted of Chase, with that close-up you have of Joey looking at his computer... they look a lot alike!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through reading A Fifth Season blog by Audrey. What a gift to find your Blog! Firstly I wanted to say I am sooo sorry your Joey is no longer on Earth with you, I am also on the journey through grief after losing my precious only daughter ~Claire Johanna Mae~ in February,2008. Your grandson Chase reminds me so much of my l/c Isaac!(he even has the beautiful chocolate brown eyes!!!) even though he has only just turned 11 he is growing so rapidly!!!!
with much love and support,