Thursday, October 08, 2009

Anniversary Roses

Just so beautiful, I had to share them. They are called Country Roses, and they are pale pink outside and deep red inside, and big and fat and fragrant and gorgeous.
Thanks, Jaime and Drew.

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Gannet Girl said...

Happy Anniversary to you both, along with admiration for your tremendous courage.

Our 35th was last June and we couldn't bear to acknowledge it, to think about those hopeful young people we once were. Maybe another year.

I know that your smiles come at a cost, and I am so grateful for you that you have each other with whom to share the good as well as the heartbreak.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Beautiful! I love roses. I have not seen ones with pink outside and deep red inside. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
I hate to see the disappearance of your blog posts with just a simple scroll of the mouse. With every entry you are scattering precious gems of comfort and wisdom. It doesn't seem enough time for everyone to collect. It's just like the ocean, waves washing up and dragging off that precious stone right before you grab it.
Then again, you are the one that is desperately in need of healing. I just hope you're not in too much of a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, flowers and they are so cool. I like the two different shades of pink! So nice that you had an anniversary this week.

Ours is in July and we're usually at Myrtle Beach. We got married in 1978 at 7am. It was at the base chapel and that was the only time available cause they were booked from then till 6 months later.

We met on April 23 of the same year. Fast and furious is what I call it--all lusting and not thinking about who was going to carry out what role.

Oh brother, that would ruin us for the next year. But we made it and finally figured out just this past week that neither of us likes Jelly Beans. You would think that would come up in all these years. So see--there is something new to learn.