Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To Denali

Cliff and Jeri picked us up in the RV; our home for a week.

Off to Talkeetna. This is the site of most Denali flight-seeing tours. Loved this building. We stayed on the ground, though. Next time we will fly over.

A gnarly treepost. There are a lot of these decorating the town. Apparently formed by trees trying to heal themselves.

A caribou or a reindeer? One and the same they tell me.

Our sweet view of Denali/Mt. McKinley from the river. The Great One is indeed.

After a long day, closing all the shades to sleep in the land of the midnight sun. G'night Cliff and Jeri.

Papa's up bright and early to build the fire and have a cup of coffee.

Aidan looks as grumpy as a bear.

He bears a striking similarity to this guy.

Hiking through Denali National Park wilderness. Such an incredibly beautiful place.

Jeri and Cliff and Aidan. Great hiking companions.

On the trail.

Weasel footprints?

Pop goes the weasel. A different one.

Yup, there's the real thing. Aidan crawled up to him and took this shot. Pretty nice work.

A moose print. Aidan got some plaster of paris from the park ranger and made this footprint mold for a school science project.

We got as close as we could to the caribou.

A typical Alaskan panorama. The braided river with mountains behind and big sky.

A step closer to the caribou. Wow. A great moment for us. 


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful time your are having. So many of the same places we went. Made me cry as I remembered the times that we had so much fun. Hope someday we will be able to go again. So happy for you. Love you dear friends Sharon That precious grandchild of your will remember this forever and so will you. Know that the prescience of Joey has lead you. xoxo

karen gerstenberger said...

This trip is such a blessing! You are wonderful grandparents to share this with him, and I'm guessing that his perspective is blessing you, too. God's natural beauty is so evident in your photos!