Friday, June 17, 2011

Amococo Luminarium

Last night, Crystal, on the right holding the baby, invited us all to see this traveling art exhibit down at the oceanfront. We went on faith, with no idea of what we were going to see. It is billed as an architectural light and air experience, which only makes sense after you experience it. Here we are at the entry point, getting ready to walk through.

Baby M is pretty fascinated by the whole thing.

The colors change as you walk through the vinyl structure. All the light is natural light coming through the plastic "windows".

All of the colors bounce off of each other, creating fantastic photographs.

The red dome turned us all red. Some of the images came out like negatives.

If I understood color theory better, I could explain it. But since I don't and can't, you can see that Bailey and Baby M are coral.

All her natural golds and greens in her skin, hair and eyes are cancelled out.

There were columns of different colors throughout, all lit exclusively by the sun outside.
This picture captures the three color areas, the blue, the red and the green, all merging behind Steph.

Izzy relaxes on a red wall.

Miss N is captivated. It's a different world inside this place. Soothing, calming, other worldly. The kids loved it. It did wonders for their moods!

Here, Jaime and Baby M are taking it all in. It's womblike and probably brought back some interesting  memories for Baby M!
Me, walking through rose petals.

Isn't it surreal?

Surreal or not, the reality of text messages distracts Crystal.

A big purple Aidan.

Stephanie in the rose.

Crystal in the rose.

Izzy looks up at a silver dome.

She and Clare relax and watch the changing landscape surrounding them.

If you see this structure from the outside, it looks like a cross between a bouncing castle and an insect. It is surprising how it transforms when you step inside. After Virginia Beach, it goes to Michigan, and from there to Europe for the rest of the year. If it ever comes to your town, don't miss it!


karen gerstenberger said...

That is really cool, and looks like a fascinating experience. I would love to listen to the creator of it describing how the concept arrived, and how it was put together. It doesn't look at all from the outside the way it looks on the inside!
What fun that you got to share it with your girls and their children & friends. Thank you for taking me along! xoxox

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. Love surprises and last minute plans. I agree with the other Karen, how does one think of doing such a thing? xoxo Sharon

Mackenzie said...

that is so cool!! i wish it was coming to LA...

that last picture of Izzy is so great!! love it!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I got chills when you said some of the photos in the red room came out looking like negatives. When God sees us through the blood of Jesus, it filters it for Him so he can determine the whites or pure things.

This was such a fun read and wondering if you every got lost like in a maze. Liked you description of womb like.