Thursday, June 23, 2011

Discovering Anchorage

Wondering what's out the hotel window.

The breakfast room downstairs. Nice.
"And this, my boy, is where we are at..."

A bracing game of chess to start the day

Sleeping in a slice of history.

Anchorage is a city of luscious flowers

and bears. Grrrrrr...

A little chat with the natives.

The log cabin visitor's center is very cool.

More flowers (I can't help myself)

and more...



and a nice fountain with a hill behind that can be climbed to play in the water.

Aidan said it was his favorite fountain ever, and he's a connoiseur.

Pausing for a picture...

Then on to better things.

Yet more flowers. Where's Waldo?

Reindeer hotdogs sold on a street stand.

The cook's car parked in front of an orca mural.

The immortal Captain Cook. He explored the Pacific from North to South and every point in between, during the same time period as the American Revolution.

He discovered this beautiful bay.

Polar bears safely locked in a glass cage.

Aidan's own polar bear holding a picture of his family.
G'night all. The sun is still out and it's 11pm, but we are going to pull the shades and go to sleep.


Elis said...

Alaska is so beautiful and full of adventures. I wish I was there too! Have lots of fun and keep the pics coming! Love you all, Elis

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, flowers grow so BIG in Alaska because of all the sunshine! Glad you arrived and go to bed and get some rest. Love Sharon

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

This is an amazing trip Karen and I'm still reading word for word cause I love how you describe things. Brings me so much joy to hear your thoughts. Big hugs to you.

Ya'll sure packed in a lot of sights and flowers. I love the flowers!