Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holding Hands

Friends of Friends of Friends


Of a great need

We are all holding hands

And climbing,

Not loving is a letting go.


The terrain around here

Is Far Too

Dangerous For That.

~ Rumi


karen gerstenberger said...

It sure is. I love Rumi...and you.
P.S. - I thought I am older than you? But married later. =)

Anonymous said...

New memories, is so nice. You needed to be in the picture Karen.

Anonymous said...

Let the tears flow
Let them wash down your face
into Heaven’s grace
Let them fall gently
into His hands that were torn
with ragged nails
He knows, He understands
Every trail that sorrow takes
He has trodden in our place

I know a hard month. Much comfort and love to the Johnson family.