Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our New Sidewalk

I just love a central sidewalk leading to the front door. Mostly because I hate weaving on the skinny edge of a driveway, trying to avoid the dirty cars brushing up on my clothing as I squeeze my way past to get to the door. So in the past couple of weeks, we hired our neighbor Zach and his friend Jake to create this curvy and functional brick pathway for us.

Isn't it just beautiful! We couldn't be happier with their fine work.

Here's the dynamic duo after a hard day's labor in the blazing hot sun.
To say the least, this is not for the weak or wimpy.

Zach also mows our lawn every week and he is in such great demand in the neighborhood, he seems omnipresent sometimes. I'll tell you why. He's honest, reliable, bright, polite, respectful, and has an incredible work ethic. He is 16 and is as hard-working as most grown men.

His dad and mom have a lot to do with that too. He's been raised well and he is just like them. Truly wonderful, generous, salt-of-the-earth people. His dad has been going through chemo and radiation for the past year to rid himself of a brain tumor, and this family has shown tremendous faith and courage in the battle of their lives. I am kind of in awe of them all, as you can tell. I am also very happy to report that Zach's dad's treatment has been effective and the tumors are shrinking.
We are so blessed to have these amazing people as neighbors.


karen gerstenberger said...

I'm thankful that you have such lovely neighbors. Meeting a fine young man with a great work ethic gives lots of hope for the future, doesn't it? I am also grateful that his dad is in remission. Thank you for sharing this nice news with us - your walkway is a great addition to your house's "street appeal" - or whatever the realtors call it!

Jeri said...

Very nice, and I love your house, it's beautiful!
Love you,

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

Oh Karen--I love it!! They did an excellent job and it adds a lot to your curb appeal. I'm with you--don't like rubbing up against the cars. And you are so smart to make it winding. Very pretty.