Friday, July 30, 2010

Mid-Summer Grandchild Update

It's a hot, hot summer, but the kids are managing to have fun anyway. Kids are like that.
All except this one.
He cut his Achilles tendon on a piece of broken glass while taking out the trash. Bad trash. Bad cut.
He earned himself a night in the hospital, and 3 months in a cast.
Hockey, his 5-day a week habit, is disappointingly off the agenda till the Fall.
So is swimming, surfing, and a full shower.

He's got a great attitude about it though.
Helped along, I think, by the X-box that was waiting for him at home.

Unless he has to pose for too many pictures. That makes him grumpy.

But he pulls it together for one more shot.

Back at the ranch, the rest of the kids are adept at finding swimming pools to cool down in.
This high-flying jump was after summer (read "sweaty") soccer practice.

And then there's the blessed miracle of water parks. We've got to kiss the feet of the fine folks who invented these things. Hours of cool fun in the too hot sun.

Smiling faces...

Cool refreshment...

Happy kids!
We are finding ways to get through our long, hot summer and look forward to the beautiful Fall season in Virginia. That's the very best time of year here. Still, it's so good to be near our grandchildren, no matter the temperature or the season. They truly make our life worth living.


Anonymous said...

That I like so very much! Being with your family!

Anonymous said...

Always an adventure! Loving all those family pictures. When I'm blessed to smile at something first thing in the morning, how great is that? Thanks for making it happen. Know your are looking forward to the fall there and sure enough it is just around the corner. Cool weather and snow, nothing better then the four seasons! Enjoy all those grandkids! Love Sharon

Marina said...

Grandchildren are the best! Love those pictures and updates. You are truly blessed to live so close to them!

Robin said...

Beautiful children, impressive cast, and handsome dude for the girls!

Leslie said...

Lovely grandchildren, even with the cast!

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I was intrigued to find your connection to Future of Forestry and their music. Truly a small world, sometimes.

Jeri said...

So happy you're able to have all those wonderful times with the grandchildren and the girls.
Love you,

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I'm so sorry and we do know how disruptive this whole ordeal is. I can't stand to think how painful it must be.

My oldest busted the ball joint in his big toe. It's not right to this day and aches after a long day of standing. I hope the cut won't cause that kind of damage.