Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party Time!

Here Clare is just about to blow out the candles. I love the focussed look on her face.
The best thing about moving near our children and grandchildren is a moment like this. I wouldn't trade all the ocean views and Maui sunsets in the world for this moment. It all comes down to being with/sharing with/caring with the people you love the most in the whole wide world. That's living and it's what we were made for. I will endure the long, cold winters and the congested highways for this...

Rewind to the beginning: The Birthday Girl and her bounty! It's all about black and pink--so girly-licious! Oh la la!

Here with her blessed Nana and Papa.
And yes, my 11 year old granddaughter has caught up to me in height. I predict she's going to be a gorgeous 6' tall woman, and she'll wear high heels just to show it off!

The face of an angel. Well, at least before it had chocolate all over it. We love her blue eyes and she and Aidan are our only blue-eyed babies. Stands out in a family of browns and hazels!

All eyes on Clare and the candles.
Can you tell we just love this girl?


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, this makes everything so right. She is beautiful and you are both very blessed. I agree about the ocean and would live there also if we didn't have our precious family here in Colorado.
They grow up way to fast and they don't even realize that. Wish we had more grandchildren!!
Love Sharon
Great pictures by the way!

karen gerstenberger said...

What fun! I agree with you: this is what life is about. You are so wise to see it, and to be present for it, while it's happening. Amazing grace.

God bless you and that darling girl.

Anna/Flowergardengirl™ said...

That is a queen's party and so classy. Her theme of pink and black is pretty grown up too. It's a chic look. She'll be a fashion star.

You and Joe are so good looking. What a great figure you have. I know your daughter keeps you working out. It shows. I think you are beautiful. God shared those good looks with every child in that family. I can see you in Clare.

So she has blue eyes? That's recessive. Unusual. We have one green eyed and one blue eyed kiddo. Me and Mr D have brown. But my dad had blue. So there you go.

Hugs to you today!

Anonymous said...

What a great time Clare must have had. Everything looks so fun! Clare is growing up into such a lovely lady. And what a cake! The cookies on top look like they could be a cake by themselves...ummmm!!!

Love you Clare - Happy Birthday sweetie

Great job Nana and Papa.

Love - AV

PS: Love love love the picture of Clare and Izzy....best friends:))

Lori Ignacio said...

Aaawww..... Clare is beautiful, her decorations were beautiful, her family is beautiful, and her Lord is beautiful!! What more can an 11 year old girl ask for? :) Karen and Joe you 2 are still the most amazing mom & dad / grandma & grandpa that I know and honestly have ever known!!!! I mean that with all my heart, those are not just words!! Your children and grandchildren are so blessed to have been born in to your family and to call you mom/dad/grandma/grandpa! And we are so blessed to call you friend! I love you both! xoxoxo
p.s. you are soooo missed here!