Friday, January 22, 2010

The Birthday Princess

I had a very big day today, and I'm all filled up with birthday pampering! Please note the chocolate and strawberry delight with 2 little candles--my favorite flavor combo.

Thanks for all the love from my peeps, and a wonderful birthday dinner with our very, very special long-time friends, Maarten and Calene. We've known one another for 20 years and what a treasure of love and companionship they are. They are incredible friends and a gift that was waiting for us in Virginia.

I had one of those birthdays that's the same forward or backwards:
It bodes well.


karen gerstenberger said...

I get to be the first one here to wish you a happy birthday and a happy year! With love and prayers for many blessings - that "other" Karen. =)

Anonymous said...

I did not know it was your birthday
Happy late one. Love seeing you with Joe, is so real. I wish you many more! So special to have old friends.
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Karen, and all our aloha. We love you and miss you. Your blog keeps us connected.

Who knows? 2010 could be your best year ever!

Terry and Bonnie Davis

Kay said...

Sounds like you had a delightful birthday! I'm glad. : ) Aaaand.. happy birthday, belated. : )