Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Mystery

Every day we put water in a little rubbermaid container and place it outside on our porch for the bunnies . Yesterday morning, it looked like this. How did this happen? Are there any icy weather people out there who can tell me how the water has a frozen wave on it's surface? There was nothing dripping into the dish, nor is there anything inside that wave to support it. The picture is pretty much the actual size.
How on earth did this happen?
Who can fathom a guess?
We are mystified.
Somebody please explain...


Janis said...

Have you looked under the water for a frozen shark?
Love you, miss you, love all the grand baby pictures.

karen gerstenberger said...

I was just going to say, SHARK! and then I saw Janis' comment. It looks like a slow-motion photograph. I love it!

Lori Ignacio said...

All I can say is "WOW"!!! Maybe it's Gods way of "waving"...hehe ;)
Big Hugs! xoxoxo

Gannet Girl said...

You froze a shark?

Anonymous said...

Was it under something and a slow drip did it? From the play equipment?

Just a guess.

UD doesn't know.


Anonymous said...

I have looked and looked at this and think it is so interesting. No
answers yet however. I was surprized that water froze there in the night. I think it needs to get sent to the weather station for more answers. I suppose I could come up with some answer that
sounds nice. I think it was a God
thing no less. Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Maybe a stalactite?

Anonymous said...

It must be some form of a stalagmite. See the waves in the bowl. Dripping slow, freezing fast. IMHO


Anonymous said...

UFO.....Unidentified Frozen Object

Anna/Flowergardengirl™ said...

Looks like maybe an animal was drinking and his slurping action made it freeze like that. I've sure never seen it. But then sometimes I think God does humorous stuff just cause He can.

A Maui Blog said...

I posted the link to twitter and here's what a Twitter friend sent me:

It's called "Ice Spikes"

The link won't work here cut and paste that whole link address on your URL box, or google Ice spikes :)

Sending you some warm sunshine from Maui .... :)