Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coming Today!

These pictures are from over a year ago...the first night together after losing Joey.

Kevin, Molly, Baby Josephine- Joey's best friend and his family.

Melissa and Tom-Joey's second parents.

Rachel- Joey's girlfriend.

They are all coming tonight to visit us.

I'm in a state. Trying to make everything perfect for them, which is, I know, impossible, unneccessary-- but for me, right now, a welcome distraction.

Guests beds made up: check.

Guest bathroom clean: check.

Refrigerator full: check.

Lawn mowed: check.

Chocolate in their rooms: check.

Our home is now a shrine to Joey, like a Catholic church. His pictures and things are in every room. And these are some of the only people on the planet who will understand that and not find it awkward.

They used to visit us at the beach on Maui. Sunshine and sparkling water and swaying palm trees everywhere, through our windows and out our doors. Surfing, sunsets, long dinners on the lanai, laughter, dreams. Life was good then. Everyone was thriving. Nothing hurt for long.

Now, it's different. We're different. But they are coming anyway.

Bless them.


Anonymous said...

They are coming with lots of love and hugs and understanding. Have a blessed time with these old friends - they are the best.

Love - Viv

karengberger said...

May this time of togetherness be richly blessed, in every way! XO

Elis said...

I'm so happy for you. You are going to have a great time, tears, laughter, new dreams, new chapter!

Maisha Bonnie said...

I'm so happy for you too :-) Yay for baby Josephine! Yay for wonderful company! especially for company that truly understands you and will just love on you :) blessings...

Mackenzie said...

you haven't been "shame cleaning" now have you, Karen? :) i do it too, and i think of Joe(y) and the story you told me about his song to you. love you! enjoy your time with everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I want chocolates when I come ;). I bet there will be constant chatter and it will be good for everyone. Big hugs to you and take lots more pictures to add to the gallery. The more the better.

Anonymous said...

Have just a wonderful wonderful time. It will be just comfort and oh how it makes me smile. Being able to share and love on those that love you and loved Joey. God is good.
Love Sharon

christine said...

It is such a time. I too am getting ready for the next week of many times of togetherness...oh my.
love your blog, love your posts. Think our kids probably know each other in heaven--they have kindred spirits of adventure! What a great son!!

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

I am always rejuvinated, encouraged, touched so deeply by your writing, Karen. It means so much to me. So, when's the book happening? What will it be about? You have so much to say. We miss you so much.
Love, Bill and Lu