Monday, July 02, 2012

Crafty Girls of Summer

What is this?

It's a tank top, twirled and banded...

With colors applied like a snowcone...

Then laid in the sun to dry. 

Quite a bit of mess to put it together...

But it's worth it. Look at the result.

Beautiful tie-dye shirts. 

Summer fun. 

All dry! 

Modeled by the artists. 

So cute!

And since we are so creative, let's paint the bird feeder!

All flowered and polka dots.  

And sign our names inside. Cool!
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Katie said...

So cool! such creative & beautiful girls. Ahhhh, summer is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

fun, fun fun! Our Hannah did this a few years ago with her friend at my house. They ended up doing sports bras and underwear and selling them! They did that for a whole summer. What fun, wish she were still little. Love that your grandchildren are spending so much time at the house.

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

What great fun!!!