Friday, March 04, 2011

Family Dinner: Mac Nut Fish

Drew and Sean are relaxing before dinner.
Though it's nice to end the work day and gather together, it's still a big challenge getting everyone to our house at 6 pm. I put out appetizers to encourage early arrivals. If you are late, there is nothing but crumbs left.

Papa is a multi-tasker. He drinks a beer, pets the dog, AND chats with his girls, all at the same time. He's quite a man.

Jaime always makes us laugh. She's a comedienne. JoAnne loves dogs, and that includes Cody, our new/old very well-behaved German Shepherd.

Dinner is sitting on the counter, chilling while we wait for the grandchildren to put down the ipad and join us. Harummph! I hate it when hot food gets cold because people are preoccupied. It's a real cook crazy-maker! But enough of that.
I'll tell you what you are seeing on that counter in the shots below.

This is dessert. Turtle brownies which will be the foundation for brownie sundaes after dinner.

An army load of white and wild rice.

Irresistible baby asparagus, baked in the oven. I know, I make this a lot. We all love it.

And a healthy and colorful mixed salad. This one has avocado chunks and parmesan shavings on top...with rich blue cheese dressing. I usually try to make two vegetable dishes. Lots of nutrients.

I am stepping back in time here to show you how I made the fish. It's my favorite way to eat fish, and I got the recipe from my dear friend, Pastor Craig, who lives on Maui. It requires eggs, panko flakes for breading the fish, and macadamia nuts for the "encrusted" part.

I spread the panko flakes in one pan, and the mac nuts (after chopping them into small bits) into another. The egg batter is out of the picture, but it's the first thing into which you dip each piece of fish.
I used flounder, but it was too thin and delicate. This recipe does better with more substantial fish, such as Ahi (tuna). Just so you know. The crust was still delicious but the delicate fish cooks more quickly than the crunchy crust. After dipping the fish in the egg mixture, dip it in the panko flakes, then press the mac nuts onto both sides of the fish. Bake it in a pan with a light layer of olive oil, in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

This is how it comes out. Golden and crunchy. Couldn't be easier! I made a mango beurre blanc sauce to drizzle over it. It was deliciously delectible and completes the recipe. That's a simple sauce of butter, cream and mango juice, cooked till slightly thickened.

So that's it. Family Dinner this week. At least the food part of it!
I will write about our "Evening Program" next, for those of you who have been wondering.
Inquiring minds want to know...


Marina said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe Karen! I'm definitely going to give it a try!
Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

The things you make look so amazing and makes me hungry. I do so love that you get together each week to share a meal. Love that and maybe some day that will work here. Who knows! xoxoSharon

Beckypdj said...

Everything looks so tasty. By the way, I can buy that brand of macadamia nuts, but mercy!! in an onion/garlic flavor? those sound wonderful!!!

karen gerstenberger said...

I'll be right over - oh, you're three hours AHEAD of us. Rats! That recipe is going to be used out here - I can hardly wait to try it. The entire meal looks delicious.
I understand that frustration about waiting for people to come to the table - that's a pet peeve of mine, too.
Thank you for your prayers. They were effective. It was a blessing to tell the story - didn't traumatize me, but was therapeutic. Who would have guessed? xoxoxoxo

michael, ciara, mikaela and zachary said...

Thanks for the inspiration and instructions! I made mac nut mahi for family dinner last night. My grandma is visiting from Kansas, so it was a perfect choice! I made a mango salsa as well has a cream ymango sauce. And we had purple sweet potatoes too. (:

Jeri said...

Mmmm! Looks so yummy! Nice to see pics of everyone too!. Love & miss you all.