Saturday, June 12, 2010

Charlottesville Weekend

We're at a dear friend's wedding this weekend. We're enjoying the beautiful hills and dales and flowering trees of central Virginia.

The centerpiece of the town is the University of Virginia, and this is the jewel in the crown.
The Rotunda on the UVA campus, designed by Thomas Jefferson.

It's shares architectural similarities to his home, Monticello, just a few miles away.
The wedding will be held later this day down the road at Ash Lawn-Highland, President James Monroe's farm home. We're enjoying our little history lesson very much.


caitsmom said...


Robin said...

We went there on our honeymoon. Enjoy!

karen gerstenberger said...

Have a lovely time. It's so nice to attend weddings and listen to the always makes me thankful and reflective about my own marriage, and so grateful to have the blessing of loving and being loved. XOXO to you.

Anna Flowergardengirl said...

I love the Virginia history too and you know I'm nuts about Monticello. Wish I was there to hear and see these sights with you. This is so my kind of thing. Have fun.

Hope the bride and groom have a beautiful life together.

Linda S said...

gorgeous photos, I'm in Richmond, nice to meet you! Charlottesville is one of the most beautiful places! enjoy your weekend!