Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We're Here!

Part of the Welcoming Committee
(Cowboy Joe Munching in the Background)

Sean carries our bags

The Bubble Display by Izzy

The Welcome Home Sign on the Garage Door-- by Chase and Clare

Fear not, for I am with you, says the Lord. Isa 45

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Anonymous said...

I love the sign comments! Well...I guess there is nothing left to say but "Welcome Home Johnson Family, Welcome Home"

Love Viv

Jeri said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely. Beautiful, smiling faces to greet you!

Love you,

Cliff said...

That was a well deserved welcome home party! We will miss you a lot, but I can't wait to hear all the new adventures in Pungo.
My daily question will be: "What will Joe and Karen do next?"
Love you, Elis

Elis said...

Ok, I think Cliff was the last one to post a comment from my computer!

Craig said...

Miracles never cease! I'm in!

I am so bummed I am the process of missing you guys. I hate these feelings. You have been exceptional roommates for the past 6 weeks which makes it even more difficult. I do love that picture in the convertible. Reminds me of your car which is incredible. Thank you guys for loving us.

The Drifters

carrie said...

is that Joe in the back with the cowboy hat on already looking 'pasture'ized? i mean that in the most respectful way of course :)
these are awesome pictures. i love getting a peek into your love-filled life. it makes you guys seem not so far away.
sweet connection with you and pete on sunday joe. it is a cherished memory already. you have the gift of love my friend and i'm thankful to have been a recipient of it.
much love to you both
carrie nichols

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

I prayed for you as you left Maui in a huge wind storm. I'm glad to see Sean is wearing shorts. . . Must be great weather, and great family. Hope you get the house squared away. Keep us posted on your church search.
Love you, Bill and Lu

Liza's Eyeview said...

(Miracles never cease! yes!) Seeing Craig opening his own blogger account is proof positive of the kind of friendship you guys have (for the love of the Johnsons, he's commenting on a blog!). What a great example you guys are - of how to "do life together with friends, and that there are friends who sticks closer than a brother". I must admit I am a bit envious. However, the bottomline is, it's never too late to develop long and lasting relationships, for me and for everyone. As for you, near or far I am sure your friendship will continue to grow and blossom - a different season for sure, but it's a season ... and someday you guys will be together again.

Love you guys!

elhefe said...

It's been a week since tears of sadness were shed on Maui and tears of joy flowed in the new world. Thought about you all week and finally found time to read that you arrived safely and celebrated. Perfect!
Ciao for now.