Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Best of Maui 2012

A hot tub full of good friends. 

Inner tube sombreros.

Mama's Fish House with our besties.

Rachel and her handsome brotherswere able to join us at Mama's.
They were on Maui for their grandfather's memorial service. 

An outdoor roller rink, right next to the ocean... in the dark. Friday night cool!

Ah yes! Keeping  their balance. 

Joe leading worship with his ukulele at Hope Chapel. 

Bailey and friends at Lava Java Horse ranch. 

Clare takes a turn around the ring, with a cloudy Haleakala mountain in the background. 

Then Bailey rides like a paniolo. 

 Candy gets Aidan up on the saddle for his first ever ride. It's getting dark.

And Isabel takes a ride in the dark, too. 

And the big surprise: Papa takes a gallop. 

The next morning, Aidan learns to stand up paddle with the sunrise.
The island of Lanai is in the distance. 

Aidan was a natural. 

Smooth landing on shore. He never fell once.  

Two days of water slides at the Grand Wailea Hotel. 

Papa's idea of island fun- a smoothie and a cell phone. 


A final farewell to our most excellent "Grand"vacation. Eighteen days on Maui without the parents...and they were angels.
Can't wait for next year.
With our way too quickly growing grandchildren, we want to seize every moment we can. 


Anonymous said...

Really, do you look like you have had an amazing time in Maui. Love the pictures, did I say love. So glad Maui brought you happiness this trip. Hope to be able to see you when you go this summer, seems so far but not really. oxox Sharon

Jeri said...

Love the pics! Beautiful!

karen gerstenberger said...

What a wonderful gift you all are to one another, and what beautiful memories you are building together. Such abundant, rich blessings!