Monday, September 10, 2012

Maui Blue

Four grandchildren and two grandparents on a plane to Maui.

The last hurrah of summer for two best friends.

The backward look as he casually flies over the Pacific Ocean. 

Our welcoming party greets us with orchid leis and loving arms.

Wasting not a moment, they are in the water before sunset. 

My mermaid girl.

Meeting a friend for breakfast the next morning...the awesome view from the dining room.

A gift of beautiful  protea flowers.  

When I get back, it's on to the beach. Aidan sets up my umbrella cuz I'm freckled and redheaded. 

Three ocean lovers. 

Watching the stand up paddlers launch from the Cove. 

The dog looks completely relaxed at the bow of the board. 

My three bathing beauties get their sun on while I sit under the armor of my umbrella. 

Papa and Aidan swim near the rocks looking for sea turtles. 

They look like sea turtles.  

Feels so good to swim in the ocean. 

Back on the beach, the siblings compete for the handstand gold medal. 

Nothing to do but play on the beach, swim in the sea, and do handstands while Nana watches. What could be better?  Maui bliss. 
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karen gerstenberger said...

I am so glad that you get to go back to this part of heaven-on-earth with your beloveds. What a blessing to share!

Anonymous said...

Loving seeing your sweet Maui pictures. Miss the flowers. I got them weekly at the farmers market.xoxoxo Sharon