Saturday, February 11, 2012

Joy Comes in the Mourning

It started as a tiny, match-sized flame.
A tiny thought that underneath the heavy load of grief
it was okay.
It flickered in the wind
But it didn't go out.

It fed on truth and grew stronger.
There's a bigger picture, it said.
All will be well, it said.
He holds it all in His hands, it said.
Like a fire in a hearth
A place to warm my chilled hands and feet.

Will it be a bonfire someday?
Big enough to chase away the cold
and only strengthened by the wind?
I do not know.

For now it's enough.
I can sit next to it
and feel the peace spreading
inside, around my heart,
in my lungs,
breathing it in and out.
Warm. Safe. Quiet.
Not happiness...something better.

Joy. (Joey)


karen gerstenberger said...

Oh, I'm so happy to read this. I've wondered how you are, as you've been quiet here, and this is just a joy (Joey) to my heart.
God bless you - may that spark continue to burn and grow and keep you warm, always.
With much love from "West."

Anonymous said...
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Robin said...

Karen, thank you for writing this.

I've had a rough few weeks and I don't feel the slightest glimmer of light or hope these days.

But thank you for reminding me that it's possible.

Anonymous said...

I love your heart. The picture is glowing. xoxo Sharon

Heather said...
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Anonymous said...

Deep sorrow is attributed to one person but an ocean of people are caught in the rogue wave of sudden grief. Healing comes from knowing that and reaching out to others hurting. It allows us to circumvent our pain, at least for a brief moment. It allows us to share our pain with others and hopefully they do and are touched. That's healing. Joy is the reward.
I think you and Joe have done a fantastic job of that!

Anonymous said...

Thought of us this morning when reading this.

Should my heart break and the grief pour out,
it would flow over the whole earth, it seems,
and yet, no one see it.

Anonymous said...

We see it, only if by your comment! You're not alone!