Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plumbing Problems

We bought this beautiful farm a few months ago. But, honestly, it's only beautiful on the outside. Underneath that shiny veneer, it sometimes feels like nothing but problems. We think the man who built it forgot to take construction 101. Or he cheated on the final. Or he didn't really believe that the house building rules applied to him. And we find ourselves with the unwelcome task of cleaning up his mess. We bought it "as is", but sometimes, even after people do the research, they still don't know what they are getting themselves into--at least that's what we are finding out. Charlie Sheen's ex-wives might say the same.

So far, we've redone the electrical system, rebuilt the heating system, added propane for the stove and fireplace, and added a new water heater. The learning curve has been expensive. Today it's all about plumbers and septic systems and pooling water and high water tables and trenches everywhere and... blocked pipes. Ugh. I will spare you the pictures.

But you know, in the midst of it all, I am here to proclaim: God bless the plumbers of the world!!
They deserve EVERY dime they charge for doing a job I shouldn't couldn't wouldn't want to do!

So how many life lessons can I extract from today's experience?

1. Beware a pretty face. They can be hiding some nasty stuff.

2. Don't do a job you aren't qualified to do. It just messes up everyone coming behind you.

3. Don't sell your second-rate goods for first rate prices; it really ticks people off.

4. Thank God for the trained professional. They will save you time, trouble and money in the end.

5. Life is not fair. This is not a perfect world. Get over it and on with it.

Oh, dang. That one again.


karen gerstenberger said...

Oh, Karen - I am so sorry that the farm is not all that it was advertised/appeared to be. We understand this from first-hand experience. We hired a licensed, bonded contractor with excellent references to build our house, only to find that he was incapable of the work - deep into the process, and many $$$$$ later.

I pray that this farm with the beautiful face will be transformed into what you envisioned: a place of refuge, and a blessing to many. I am so sorry that you are going through this, but I have hope and faith in the end-product. God bless that farm, you and your family!

Anonymous said...

And here I thought I was going to see a wonderful Valentine's Monday night dinner - complete with all the trimmings!!!!!!!!!

You are so funny....even when you are talking crap! Pictures might have been worth a 1000 words on this one:))

Love you - hope things settle down on the farm. It is just a temporary home.

Just think...when we get to heaven - we won't have to do any of this - our mansion is being built for us by the Creator.

Perhaps it will be like Exreme Makeover and all of our loved ones will be there waiting for us and calling out "move that bus"!!...even better I'm sure.

Can't wait. Love you...vi

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Karen but this post made me smile. We went through the same think and we built a new home! Yes, even with that we spent $$$ out of our pocket just to get things done and to correct the things they did no finish. Lesson learned, hummmm not sure yet what that is. Your farm is still beautiful and love looking at the pictures. In the end I just feel it will add peace and contentment to all you plan to do. xoxo Sharon