Friday, February 11, 2011

Beautiful Post by My Friend Karen

Karen Gerstenberger

"It is hard to find words adequate to the complex emotions involved in surviving a child’s passing. I wrote on a fellow grieving mom’s blog posting, regarding the anniversary of her daughter’s passing: “I think I understand…because I go through these changes, too. It’s okay, it’s not okay; it’s bearable, it’s unbearable; we are building a life around the hole she left, I am falling into the hole where she was. I miss her; I have to let her go. It is a crazy reality; am I going crazy to be living with it? No, I am doing what thousands have done before me. I am honoring her memory, and weaving it into my life, day by day, as beautifully and gracefully as I am able. And I think you are doing this, too. She will always be the one, the only, A. – and we will remember her with you.”
From "Presence", 2/10/11

My friend Karen is the mother of Katie, a beautiful 12-year-old girl who passed from cancer in 2007. Karen wrote yesterday at a site called "Hopeful Parents". Her article, called "Presence" , explains in practical terms how people can be a support to families during times of sickness and bereavement. Karen is a beautiful, thoughtful writer and the article was particularly insightful on a subject that requires great sensitivity.

She gave me permission to quote and link it HERE. Please read on. You won't regret it. If you are wondering how to be there for suffering families, this article will explain it all to you.


karen gerstenberger said...

Love you, dear friend. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love you so much and Karen even though I don't know you i feel I do. It is just heartbreaking, loosing a child and trying to move on with the life we have here. Our daughter was 43, how do you not miss her being here. All the years we laughed, cried, and held you by my side. I love you all. xoxox Sharon