Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lucky Ducks

Today, we are having our 3rd snowfall of the season. Very unusual for southern Virginia, so we are loving it. I just worry about these little guys. But honestly, they seem not a whit concerned. They are paddling about, grubbing for frozen bugs just like it's the middle of summer.
Except they have snow on their beaks. I try to keep in mind that when the wild ducks fly south for winter, this is where they fly to!

I worry about them getting enough food, though. Unfortunately, they are food snobs. They refuse to eat bread, cracked corn or nuts and seeds. Heaven knows we've tried. We've got little piles of various duck food combinations all over the farm. Regardless of our offering, they turn tail and walk away... without a how-do-you-do or a thank-you-ma'am. Without exception.
They prefer juicy bugs and stubbornly refuse to notice anything else offered to them. They ARE fat, though, so maybe they do know what they are doing.

The snow is so cozy, peaceful and soothing. (I love the snowfall against the black barn. It's so beautiful here today.) The only sound that breaks the silence is the happy quack, quack, quack of our ducks. They are very serious, and not to be taken lightly. They look like intense little power attorneys negotiating settlements when they put their heads together.

The lake is frozen, but that is not a problem for these ducks. As I said, they are snobs. They have declared themselves non-aquatic and have resolutely refused to notice the lake, even when Joe tosses them in for their own good. They flap their wings and promptly climb out. They don't like the stereotype. They don't want to be that kind of duck. They are happy being grass ducks. Snobbish, snow-loving, negotiating, bug-eating grass ducks.
So there.


karen gerstenberger said...

What fun! This would be a wonderful children's story, Karen. I love the image of the duck-attorneys, and am so thankful that the farm is bringing joy to this holiday season!

Kay said...

Very pretty! We just heard on the news that we might not get ANY snow this winter. Sigh. So I'm loving yours. And your little duckies. They're so cute and funny. We had bunnies last year when it snowed and I felt sorry for them, but they showed up again after the melt so I guess they did ok. So will your ducks. : )

Anonymous said...

Well am glad your enjoying the snow. We still have none, the mountains do however. Sounds like you are living at the farm. Stay warm and enjoy your winter.

Anna Looper said...

I laughed at this post. Funny ducks===but now I'm loving that black barn--even it's got class. I've never seen a black barn--but you know---I am loving it.