Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at the Farm

Welcome to the farm. It's beautiful right now, covered in snow. This huge tree stump on the edge of the woods looks like an enormous bird in a nest. I am spending a few days out here enjoying the beauty and thought it was a good time to share it with you all.

Welcome to our porch. It wraps around three sides of the house. We are happiest at the farm when there are cars everywhere. That means we are sharing it with people we love.

Come on inside and hang up your coat. The pictures on either wall are of a blue and a white heron, native to these tidelands, and a sight to behold when they are walking by our pond. We bought this place unfinished, and it is a work in progress. We have finished the electricity, the gas, the heating, and painted the barn and the outbuildings. It's starting to have some presence.

Welcome to the cozy living room. This room was the entire original house, built 110 years ago. The pine plank floors are the original wood, but the fireplace was rebuilt a few years ago. The fire is hot, and Christmas music is playing. On the mantle are precious pictures of Joey surfing and boating. It brings him here with us. He would have loved this place.

It's difficult having Christmas without him. But we are at least doing better than the previous two years. The focus of our Christmas tree is the best news of all: "there's a good time coming".
That's where our hope lies--in a bright new shining world where we will all be reunited again.

Have a seat. Joe's is the red one, mine is the leather one. I know it's kind of a role-reversal, but that's just the way we prefer it. But we share both chairs with whoever wants to sit and stay awhile.
The windows behind the dining table look out on the woods. It is so renewing to watch the trees. They give me comfort and strength.

This is my rustic, roomy farm kitchen. Notice the farm sink, the wood counters and the 48" stove. Cooking here is a real treat, especially if someone is sitting at the island counter, talking to me. If not, I put the country music channel on the tv and get all swept away with mixing and stirring and the charm of the lyrics. I never knew I was such a country girl till I moved to the South.

At the bottom right corner is my bicycle. I found it at the Goodwill. It was born the same year I was born, so it gets a place of honor inside the house. It's red and blue and has a brown leather seat. It really deserves a post of its own, so one of these days I will do that.

Thanks for visiting. More pictures later!
Merry Christmas to you all.


Anonymous said...


So lucky of you to have found a 39 year old bicycle.

Love the farm. Have a very, merry Christmas.

Terry Davis

michael, ciara, mikaela and zachary said...

Love the farm! So beautiful! Hopefully we will be able to visit someday. Love you,

Mackenzie said...

its simply beautiful, karen. i wish i could come sit at your kitchen island and chat with you while you cook. merry christmas!!

karen gerstenberger said...

Karen, it's so lovely there. I can feel the peace from looking at the photos. And that kitchen is a dream - I have loved those farm sinks for a long time now!
Every part of it looks light, clean, welcoming and cozy. What a refuge...and how kind of you to want to share it with us, and all your friends and family.

caitsmom said...

May the season be bright.

Thanks for sharing this:
"The fire is hot, and Christmas music is playing. On the mantle are precious pictures of Joey surfing and boating. It brings him here with us. He would have loved this place."

I'll be hanging Caitlin's Christmas bulbs today. With three years out the holidays hurt a bit less, but I must keep her in the present somehow.

Have a joyous holiday. Loved the "peek" into your beautiful home!

Daisy said...

Mind if I lie on the couch and talk to you while you cook? I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. Don't pay any attention to the snoring; I'm just resting my eyes...zzzz

PS. What a great place.

Kay said...

What a beautiful retreat. Enjoy your sweet farm and warm fire. Love the sink too. : )

Anna Looper said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Karen, I love it!! It is so me too. Love the beadboard white cabinets--and wood floors, gorgeous porch--views everywhere. And man what a nice dining table. The fireplace speaks of the warmth in the home and heart. It's all just so beautiful. I am crazy happy for you. Big smooches and hugs for a Merry Christmas. Holding your heart in mine!