Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday at Bloomie's

Rachel takes a bite of poached pear and creme brulee
Food or Art?
The Birthday Girl and Raspberry Sorbet

The girls and I went to NYC for Jaime's birthday weekend. Rachel came from LA and met us there. We started Jaime's special day with a delectable first class three-course brunch at Petrossian. The food was divine. The service impeccable. We rolled out of there two hours later looking for a way to walk off the poundage. Bloomingdales seemed the perfect solution.

Unfortunately for us, Bloomingdales is an 8-floor carnival of eye candy and every counter is designed to tempt you beyond your endurance. We thought we'd successfully hurdled the makeup counter gauntlet, when we ran into the guy in the tux holding a tray full of champagne glasses. That was the beginning of the end. The music was right and they gently waved the chocolate truffles under our noses. Before we could say "credit limit", we were sitting in chairs before preening cosmeticians and being creamed and pampered and cell-plumped beyond recognition! Blooming at Bloomies!

JoAnne's mud treatment.

Nature girl Rachel gets ready for the prom. At least.

Jaime hangs on every word!
Beauty is serious, people.

Guy Phillip, Borghese Makeup Artist to the Stars, gets a group shot of us glamour girls for his portfolio. Ain't we sumthin'!

Happy Birthday Jaime girl. We love you!
Enjoy your new jar of beauty mud!


Beckypdj said...

Looks like big fun in the big apple!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Looks like you all had the perfect girlie weekend. Hope it was everything you wanted it to be and more. What a good mommy and friend you are.
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

What fun you must have had! Are you home yet? It is nice isn't it to enjoy life just a bit. Love Sharon

karen gerstenberger said...

What a blessing those gorgeous girls are in your life...and you fit right in with them! That looks like a PERFECT birthday, to me. God bless you, and those lovely young ladies.