Friday, October 29, 2010

16 Candles

This Red Velvet cake tastes better than it looks... though I just love the twisty candles.

SURPRISE! Chase was not expecting this--a campout at the new farm!
From left to right: his dad, Chase, little Aidan, Papa D, Uncle Drew, and four of his hockey friends.

The Family Photo
(with Maggie dog in the background)

Good friends and a freshly caught fish on the line.

They gathered the wood, they dug the firepit, they built the ring, they built the fire, they tended the coals. There are few life experiences as enjoyable as sitting by the camp fire watching the hobo stew cook to perfection.

His mom organizes the sleepover in the tents. Despite what they think, 16 year old boys still need mothering, and mothers of 16 year old boys still need to fuss over them. Nanas too.

16 years ago today we were in a natural childbirth clinic watching him being born. His grandpa and his Uncle JJ were outside the door listening to his first wails. We were elated with the wonder of this brown-eyed boy--our first grandchild. Now he's 6' tall and we are shrinking.

The cut achilles tendon has kept him off the ice this season.
The new driver's permit seems to have eased his pain a bit.
A birthday party helps too.
We love this guy so very much.

Psalm 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.


Anonymous said...

Wow, i didn't realize he was 16! He looks like an awesome grandchild and with awesome grandparents it is a blessing. Sure you had great fun, at least it looks like it. Love Sharon

karen gerstenberger said...

That looks like a wonderful, manly, perfect party for a 16-year old boy/man. The fishing, the fire pit and "Hobo Stew" (what's in that?) sound like pure delight. And I understand what you mean about them still needing some mothering (& Nana-ing). Congratulations to your beautiful young man.

Robin said...

I'm with Karen - what a wonderful and perfect party for a 16yob!