Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Grand Finale

Izzy and Clare as happy as two frogs on a lily pad.

For those who are new at the art of grandparenting, I will let you in on a secret. There is a quick path to grandmother sainthood, and it's as simple as revealing a willingness to tote your beloved grandchildren to and from theme parks. This will make you instantly adored, and paying for season's passes will enthrone you in the holy spot in your grandchildren's hearts.

Lucky for me, Busch Gardens is nearby, so the drive is brief. Not only that, it's a place that can make everyone in your group happy--roller coasters for the kids, flowers for the women, and beer for the men! Oh, and Clydesdales. Some true marketing genius thought of that and I thank him for it.

I like the flowers.

This here is a sacred moment. Isabel is finally, finally tall enough for the rides!!! After years of being turned away at the gates, and many attempts to speed things up with high-soled tennis shoes and high ponytails, she is finally legitimately sizeable enough for the roller coasters. No longer condemned to the gulag of kiddie rides, she is out there with the big people waiting in the long lines!

Here all the girls lock themselves in place for the Mother of all Roller Coasters, the Griffon. Isabel needed some moral support for her first ride, and the girlfriends came through for her. You'll notice I am quite content to stand on terra firma and shoot the pictures.

Here they are at the tip-tip, on the front row, about to make the 90 degree drop.

Note that Isabel is the 4th set of legs from the left--the short ones... with the short head attached. She looks way too small to be on a roller coaster of these proportions, but don't tell her

I said so.



Ya know, I just don't like that feeling in my stomach.

Here they are coming off the ride, just like they do it every single day.

And that reminds me that come summer, they probably will be doing it every single day, or as close as they can make it to that mark--

since Nana is such a saint.


karen gerstenberger said...

Just looking at your photos nearly gives me vertigo. I am trying to imagine what it feels like to be in the front row, looking down from the top, just before the drop. NO, thank you. I would stay on terra firma with you, enjoying the flowers and the horses.
You are a wonderful Nana, and your grandgirls are adorable.

Jaimers said...

Love it Mom! Great pictures and you are such a good Nana to my babies. They are so lucky to have a Nana who loves being a Nana more than any other thing in the world. PS Piney Bark seems way to lonely without you and Daddy. love you

Anna Flowergardengirl said...

Oh no way I'm going on that--but I am enjoying my lesson on nanahood.