Thursday, May 01, 2014

There Again

The glory of my beautiful small vibrant child

To Bhain Campbell
by John Berryman

I told a lie once in a verse. I said
I said I said I said "The heart will mend,
Body will break and mend, the foam replace
For even the unconsolable his taken friend."
This is a lie. I had not been here then.


Karen Gerstenberger said...

Oh, my heart lurches at this verse. How well we know its meaning. God bless you, dear, tender, loving, kind Karen. May His angels minister to your heart, and catch each one of your tears.

Anonymous said...

It is a lie.
Longing for my son...

Anonymous said...

This verse made my stomach sink and tears well up in my eyes. It will take forever in time to admit to that. My heart is heavy for you dear friends and am feeling your sadness across the miles. Love Sharon