Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Best Birthday Party Ever

Decorations. Oh so pretty. 

My favorite name...Nana.

Gifts galore. 

Party favors. 

Appetizers and wine. Buttery oysters on the half shell. 

Our own caterer to serve and clean up. 



Masks and kazoos. 



"Happy Birthday to You"

Now, with feeling! 

Hubby and me. 

The whole gang in disguise.  

Identities revealed. 

More music.

My favorite gift...sweet words. "60 Favorites about Nana". 

Happy Big Birthday to me. 


Mackenzie said...

these pictures make me smile :)

Jeri said...

Beautiful celebration! You're so deserving of all the love that was poured out on you!

We love you!

karen gerstenberger said...

Happiest of happy days to you, dear friend, and many more, even happier, to come. God bless you, precious lady!

Anonymous said...

I had not seen this yet. What wonderful celebration for a wonderful lady. You have a special family. Happy late birthday to you as well. XOXO Sharon

Anonymous said...

Oh this was so much fun! What a cool birthday and you look like a princess. This celebration rocked it out. Happy belated in real belated....hugely belated but just had to comment how awesome this post truly is.

Hugs forever and ever,