Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blooming Farm Update

Welcome to my front porch.
On the doors, golden forsythia wreathes set off the yellow kalanchoe plants in the urns. The yellow is sunshine in a pot and healthier than prozac. Take a little walk with me to see what's in bloom. 

This forest goes on for acres behind the house. It will be a solid wall of green in a few weeks, but I am enjoying the lacy delicacy of the leaves right now.

A tapestry of brilliant reds, golds, greens and pinks. 

It's especially beautiful near sunset with all the dappled light shining through. 

The trees look like so many straight sticks right now, but soon we won't be able to see the sky through the leaves. 

The pond creatures are beginning to emerge, with turtles lining the banks to sun themselves. 

Near the bottom of the picture is the grandkids' swimming hole with a rope swing. It's like a big city pool, only much muddier and full of creatures!

These 4 weeping willow trees have all grown up from one fallen trunk. It's really beautiful and a nice symbol for our family. Even when something looks broken, new life can spring from it. I think of us all when I see it. 

This other willow tree by the shed is our Joey tree. It's got a missing branch, a gaping gash going all the way down one side. This tree is also thriving in spite of losing a big part of its self. 

The open field in front of our house is emerald. The marsh on the left is growing new cattails. 

But the show-offs right now are the bulbs. They have been grabbing the glory for several weeks. Oh my, these daffodils are gorgeous with the light behind them. 

I have a dozen pots of bulbs in the front, and another half dozen in the back of the house. I also have them at the entrance to our driveway and under the birdhouse. 

So beautiful--just overflowing. 

These saturated colors make me smile.

A princess. 

So beautiful  next to the steps and the rock walkway as the sun goes down.   

Out next to the barn, we have this old Coke machine that someone dumped in the forest  many years ago. (Grrr.) But we got a group of guys together and they dragged it out. It's all rusty and deteriorating and yet so gorgeous with the red tulips in it. The bucket on the ground next to it was found in a trash heap in the forest., too.  Flowers + recycled junk = beauty. 

The afternoon light on the tulips. 

And again from another angle, that also shows the cool side of the  house porch way beyond,  with all the rocking chairs, and the wishing well between the house and the barn. 


The screen porch is a new addition and I can't wait to furnish it. I am looking for comfy daybeds and a game table and shelves stuffed with snacks and board games and magazines and sparkling lights around the whole perimeter. This is my summer home.

Another view of the screen porch. So roomy!
The mosquitoes are quiet right now, but we will be ready for them when they descend. 

One more peek at the screen porch from the house porch with the wishing well in between. 

From a distance, on the right side of the barn and screen porch, you can see the garden too. I've got it all planted with flowers and veggies. Organic, too, but more about that later!

Back to the house. Our new black driveway is made up of recycled asphalt left over from one of the major road re-paves in our town. I love it next to our black and white trim and  the stone walkway. Country living means no concrete driveways.

The center of the circular driveway has a little island planted all in yellow. In the summer I am hoping for a beautiful display of hybrid roses, including one to climb up the little tower. This is one of my favorite spots for sitting and staring. 

Back to the front door across the way. We spend a lot of time doing this. Back and forth. 

And more daffodils. My camera can't resist them.


Jenny said...

Wow! Everything is so beautiful, just like looking at a magazine. It is so inviting and quiet and peaceful. Enjoy.

Katie said...

So beautiful! I love the screen porch addition, I can't wait to see it. Your farm is beautiful, peaceful, calming, along with a tad bit of fun!

And the tulips in the coke cooler, have to be my favorite. So awesome!

Thanks for sharing your farm pics & enjoy those tulips & daffodils, I can't get enough of them either :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all this has happened in the short time I was there! It is beautiful,would be hard to stay indoors.
Hopefully I will be able to do some to enjoy our beautiful back yard, this year. Thank you for sharing. It couldn't look lovelier. xoxo Sharon

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! It has the Karen doubt about it! I always loved your country/farm decor the best - now you have out done yourself. My heart overflows to see you enjoy your farm and the love and peace it brings to you, your family and all your friends who enjoy your hospitality. Love and miss you:))

karen gerstenberger said...

Karen, what a haven you have created on your farm. I know it hasn't been easy and simple, but you have vision and it has been beautifully executed here. I love the crisp paint, blooming pots of color and that recycled Coke machine is PERFECT in its new life as a planter. Please post photos of your completed screened-in porch.
What a sanctuary for family and friends...a work of heart and artistry. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a place for healing! I know you want it to be and know you Joe and family are still healing. It looks like Heaven on earth from my perspective. You are very blessed!

Van Down By The River said...

karen, these photos and your comments make me sooooo happy! what a vibrant, lovely, and alive farm you have! makes me long to be out there and experience real spring...

love you and can't wait to see you all again.

p.s. the tulips in the coke bin are my personal fave :) you are soooooo artsy...!

Jeri said...

Absolutely beautiful! Wish I could be there smelling all the flowers and taking in the beauty. Love, love, love it!
Love and miss you two!

Daisy said...

Absolutely beautiful Karen!