Sunday, August 07, 2011

Freedom Isn't Free

Our community is devastated by the loss of 22 SEALs in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan yesterday. We know and love the wives and children of these incredible men, and yesterday their lives were changed forever. It is beyond heartbreaking for so many to be lost at once. America's finest have incredibly brave, sacrificial wives and children as well, but this collective loss goes farther than any of us ever imagined. The community and local churches have mobilized to bring comfort and help, but there is nothing we can do to take away the visceral pain of this loss. They will have to learn to live on without their beloved husbands and fathers, sons and brothers. Please keep these precious families in your prayers. Every American owes them a debt of gratitude.

You can donate to the Navy Seal Foundation at; or to the families of the fallen at


Robin said...

Dearest friend, I saw your posting on FB and realized that this loss must be particularly close to you, but wasn't sure in what way. Are your sons-in-law in this unit?

I am sure that your own trauma has come right back to the surface, but I also know that you will be a tremendous support to the survivors, especially to the mothers who have lost so much.

Surrounding you and your loved ones in prayer.

Anonymous said...

So sorry! Anyone loosing a child no mater how old is horrible in itself, let alone in time of war. It hits home when you know that it could have been worse for you. You have to grieve the loss and rejoice that Sean was safe. Praying for you today as I always do. xoxo Sharon

karen gerstenberger said...

I agree, Karen, and am so grateful to you for putting this up here. It is personal, not just "national." This is your community, your family's peers, and my heart goes out to you and to them, so deeply. Please let me know if I can do anything from here to help.

I know that the work you have done since Joey's passing will be of inestimable value to those precious bereaved families in your midst. God will be with you as you are with them. You are in my heart.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

We were once stationed at a base where men were regularly deployed on daily missions and it was very dangerous. Some did not come home. I will never forgot the looks on children's faces when their daddies came home. They fully understood the magnitude of each return. They did have classmates whose fathers were not returning. So all the kids felt the stress for the one without a mom or dad. One of the hardest things I've ever watched. They lived it daily.

Daisy said...

So completely and utterly tragic. Prayers for these families to be sure.