Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Girl Love

My birthday is coming and on Saturday, Sean and JoAnne surprised me with a visit to a local winery for our own little wine-tasting party. JoAnne had a couple of Groupons that entitled us to two--yes, two--bottles of free wine! We made the leisurely drive to the winery, through the back country, over the border to North Carolina. It was serene and relaxing, with an absence of cars and people, and an abundance of birds and golden wintery tidal lands, the essence of the beautiful tidewater region.

This is me with my hubby at the Moonrise Bay Winery. Here's to you!
We liked the Chambourcin 2004 the best. (Oh, don't I sound all wine connoisseur and all. We bought 6 bottles and have big plans for them.)
It was so cozy in the winery, with the wooded walls and beams and the stone fireplace, and the fire crackling and leather couches to sit on. It was cold outside, and the vines were empty, but so comfortably warm and lodge-ish inside.

JoAnne packed us a picnic, which the proprietors minded not a bit. There IS a picnic buried under all that packaging. Brie, and goat cheese, and maytag blue cheese, and a rich cheddar, and crusty bread, and olives and nuts and, most importantly when drinking wine, 3 kinds of chocolate! I could seriously eat only this every day of my life without complaint.

The really lovely thing about this, is that it's JoAnne's birthday this week, too. We are two days apart, and she did this for me. I'm telling you, this girl is all HEART. We spent a wonderful two hours, just relaxing together, truly IN THE MOMENT. I LOVE this girl! And I love, love, love being with Sean and JoAnne together. They are very interesting and thoughtful, and good listeners, and Sean is hilariously funny. I didn't want it to end and savored every moment of our time together. That's something I try to do now, more and more.
This moment is all we have in this world.
These people are precious.
Love is the true meaning of life.

The Two Birthday Girls

On Sunday night, we gathered for Family Dinner (hence my apron) and a sweet family birthday party. It cheered and comforted my heart to no end. My faithful husband, and both my beautiful daughters and my handsome sons-in-law and my adorable grandchildren said such beautiful words to me,
I've been floating... on a pink cloud... of love... ever since.
The best birthday ever.

PS: The pictures turned out so badly, this is all I have to show. I'm not happy with my camera these days as it's making white spots in the middle of my pictures, so you all know what I want for my birthday and you can send it here! If that's not in your budget, I am also taking camera recommendations. If you love your camera, please tell me why and what kind it is so I can get one, too.


karen gerstenberger said...

Happy Birthday to you, dear, dear Karen! You are a gift in my life, so I bless your birthday, and your precious daughter's, too. What a wonderful pair of parties for both of you - the adventure at the winery and the cozy family-centered dinner. You are creating beautiful memories while you savor these moments. May the year ahead be filled with joy, love and meaningful experiences. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you both! It looks so fun and special. I am so happy for you. You sure look like you know what you are doing with the camera. I just click and click and then erase. I love yo dearly dear friend. Sharon

Sheri said...

Happy birthday my dear friend. I am having a lovely thought today - that you...and me...and Karen G should get together someday in person, in a lovely setting, with good wine at hand. All I have of that right now is the dream of it, but maybe one day we can bravely make it a reality for us.

Until then, I hope your birthday brings you inner contentment - moments of pure joy - moments of serene surrender - and an abiding sense of inner guidance and peace. All year long.

Love to you. Than you for "being there" for me...for so very long now.

Mackenzie said...

Happy Birthday Karen & JoAnne!! What a fabulous celebration! I'm looking forward to seeing you this Friday @ the fairfax house :) Jim will be joining us as well - a real treat since he works every other weekend.

I just got a Canon T2i for Christmas and I love it! I'm still figuring it out because it is a digital SLR, a camera I've never used before, but the quality is beautiful and there are so many things I can do with it. I'd love to share more with you on Friday, and you know Rachel will have plenty of recommendations for you as well :)

JoAnne said...

thanks Mama!!! we sure had fun at that winery!!! miss you today! no more 3 week vacations! that's excessive ;)

Kay said...

Happy birthday!!! Looks like a beautiful day. : )

If you're a point and shoot girl, then the Panasonic Lumix is great. I love ours!