Monday, March 01, 2010

US Hockey Team Rocks!


of Amazing Athletes!

We are now ready for the final playoff between Canada and the U.S.

Proudly wearing their colors and supporting our guys.

Hockey is Chase's game. He's spent the past seven years and several thousands of his parents dollars perfecting his skills. He would like nothing better in life than to play in the pros. The game even pulls his attention away from the hot wings.

Drew, our resident facepainting artist, imitates baby Marek during a break in the action. Unfortunately, our little good luck charm wasn't enough to bring us the victory this time. So, sooo close though. When the U.S. got their second goal we all screamed so loudly, little Marek burst into tears.

Here, Mama Steph comforts him while keeping an eye on the exciting last few minutes of the game. Marek's proudly sporting his colors too!

We're proud of the U.S. effort and can only say, "What a team and what a game!"


A Maui Blog said...

Love the "USA painted face cheer squad" :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job Drew! Add another talent this man has down! lvi

Anna Flowergardengirl said...

Very spirited of ya'll and we too have been glued to the Olympics. My favorite was ice skating. Gary liked the down hill skiing. But poor thing, he never gets to stay up late enough to watch it all.

I'll take some of those hot wings and I found the fastest way to get a baby to quit crying---stick your finger in honey and let them suck on it. Shocks them in to the most pleasant mood. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think we were all glued to the game. When they got that score I nearly flew out of my chair. The kids faces look so good they should have been there. Love Sharon

Lori Ignacio said...

I love love LOVE their USA pride!! That was some awesome and creative art work....and not to mention some of the most beautiful kids around!!!! You have the "funnest" (I don't think thats a real word..hehe) family ever!!! Love you! xoxo

Daisy said...

That was a great game. Man, did the guys on both teams work hard! I loved that it was such a close game; way more fun to watch. Such amazing skill on both sides!